66: Let Twitterfeed and Hootsuite help

- Tips For Blogging

Visit Twitterfeed.com or Hootsuite.com after reading this.
I have tried to manage many social media accounts and that could be a very herculean job. There are free automated softwares that can help you run those. Twitterfeed is one of them and they are in no way affiliated with Twitter.
With Twitterfeed, you can automatically publish posts via feeds to many Facebook pages, timeline, Twitter account, Linkedin profile etc. Twitterfeed will check an RSS feed which is present in most WordPress sites, and when there is an update, it publishes that update to the connected services like a Twitter account. It is a very nice tool and yet free.
Hootsuite is much more complex platform that can be used to manage many social media accounts at once. With Hootsuite, you can also post to a Facebook Group without going on Facebook.
These tools will reduce the stress of blogging by almost 30%. But when you do have the time, visit the social media websites to update yourself.