64: Break long posts to gain from page views

- Tips For Blogging

This is a very useful thing to do because you don’t only earn revenue from clicks on adverts, you can earn from views. To inflate views, the smart way is to split some content into multiple pages. The kind of posts that do well with this are stuff like “Top 10 tricks to do this” or “10 most Handsome Celebrity Boyfriends” etc.
You can keep each on a page, then link it to the others in such a way that the visitor has to browse across all the pages to find all the information that he or she might need.
You can also do this with helpful articles such as: “5 Reasons Why This Happens”, “10 steps to financial stability”, “20 tips to send your blog to the next level” and you will see people who actually need the information browse across 20 pages, giving you extra revenue from views and even reducing your bounce rate.
You can also do this with photos from celebrities. Assuming Amber Rose or Kylie Jenner posted some photos on Instagram and you saved those photos. You may decide to post 2 photos on the first page, then use Next or numbered navigation to send your readers t other pages with the rest of the pictures.
This approach could double and even triple the page views on your content.