63: Show ads within post

- Tips For Blogging

One of the greatest ways to mask Ads and make them seem like part of the content is to embed them in a post. Apart from the three Adsense for Content I talked about in layout, there are other three Ads you can include which are known as link box. Link box Ads are formed from the content of your page. If a page is about a new music from Rihanna and how you can download them for free on Tidal, you will find the link box ads change to something like:
Download Music from Rihanna
Rihanna’s music
Get song from Tidal
Why won’t a visitor click on those Ads after consuming the content of the page? They are contextual. In fact, you can also click on Link Ads. Yes, they are the only Ads you are allowed to click because they end up showing a search page which more Ads relevant to the user.
You can embed these after each paragraph, up to three paragraphs and you will see your CTR improve. The only issues I have noticed with Link Ads is that they will promise and fail. You may click on the “Get song from Tidal” link and end up on a page with adverts about dating. See what you were promised? See what you got?